Anyone who has or had Polish citizenship may apply for the confirmation of possession or loss of Polish citizenship at any time.

The application should be submitted to the voivode competent for the place of residence or last place of residence in Poland, and when that is missing – to the voivode of Mazovia.

If a foreigner lives abroad, they may apply through the Polish consul competent for their place of residence.

Note! Pursuant to the provisions of law, the obligation to provide data, information and documents that will allow to determine the factual and legal status regarding the possession (or not) of Polish citizenship rests with the person concerned.

The application model and additional information about the required documents can be found, among others, here:

The stamp duty for the decision confirming the possession or loss of Polish citizenship is PLN 58.

An appeal against the Voivode’s decision may be submitted to the Minister of the Interior, via the Voivode, within 14 days from the delivery of the negative decision.


Individual customers

  • Prepare documents and apply for a residence card, settlement
  • Advice and support to apply for student or work visa
  • Apply for work permit
  • Create electronic signature (Profil Zaufany), personal identification number (PESEL)
  • Apply for permission to invite relatives
  • Help to receive benefits 500+
  • Household registration
  • Change Vietnamese driver's license to Poland
  • Notarized translation

Business customers

  • Set up company ( CEIDG, Sp. z o.o )
  • Accounting services for businesses (ZUS, PIT, CIT)
  • Ask for quotas for recruiting foreign workers
  • Residence card renewal service for employees
  • Register for protection of trademarks and copyrights

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